Friday, July 05, 2013


In the end, we die alone. Well, you might die in a group suicide or mass massacre, but still both way you'll face the death alone. No one will be there holding your hand and face the exact same death, feel the exact same experience of dying. What kind of flashback will strike them? What kind of relieve (or regret)?

Some people may afraid of death. I think it's ridiculous in some way. Why? only Jesus comeback from death, others stay and give no complain. Cliche, i know.

If it's true that there will be an eternal peace, eternal bliss… why would we scared of it? People on earth are saying it out loud, they want peace, they hate any problem that arise from every aspect of their life, they hate to deal with another crap waiting for them in some corner. There'll be nothing after death, just the death it self.

I imagine death as a place to rest. To finally shutting down your problem, your thought, your hatred, your love, your memories. Since you can't think, you can't make another memories, you can't feel anything, you can't hate or love something or someone. You're alone, but not lonely. You don't have another choice, you stuck with no ability to regret.

I've never been there my self. But now i step another rock to the path of death, everytime we exhale, we're closer to the death it self. Just like another book i read: to die, someone need to live first.

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Supermoon, June 2013