Friday, August 30, 2013

{낸사랑 good-bye series}

After-shoot photos:
June, 2013 We went to Gembira Loka Zoo. The weather wasn't really good, it was raining several times. Apparently we picked a wrong day to go outside.  photo DHE_0002_zps83b9ef01.jpg  photo DHE_0021_zps2c987ef5.jpg  photo DHE_0042_zps1517a5a9.jpg  photo DHE_002_zpsbfa7e9e6.jpg  photo DHE_0026_zps48578d11.jpg  photo DHE_0027_zps08b2e6d4.jpg  photo DHE_0057_zps1a2ab43a.jpg  photo DHE_0017_zpsb073eab5.jpg  photo DHE_0049_zpsa81f0f6c.jpg  photo DHE_0072_zps0860547c.jpg  photo DHE_0088_zpse36c9e84.jpg  photo DHE_0068_zpsdaaedb6c.jpg  photo DHE_0070_zps8d39aeb7.jpg  photo DHE_0079_zps4c34e75c.jpg  photo DHE_0092_zpsec2677e0.jpg  photo DHE_0109_zpse44c498b.jpg  photo DHE_0114_zpsbee852ef.jpg I've been looking for giraffe but there weren't any. I remember back then in 2008 there were, some giraffe.