Sunday, February 05, 2017


  • Spent all of my money when I was in London for new year (shout out for every Londoners how can you guys survive and wear stylist clothes?)
  • Submitted all of the coursework in time
  • Went through exam week sanely
  • 2 from 4 autumn semester modules marks are out - I'm save, not gonna spend £120 for resits (well I hope, still waiting for exams result tho)
  • Spring semester in one day - my schedule is messy, I have two classes at the same time, need to do something about it
  • I will have class at Friday afternoon at Management School 
  • Zero snow until now
  • Bought like 5 books but read none
  • My skin is getting worse

So those are 2017 in bullet points so far.

Oh and here Zion.T new song "The Song", as cheesy as always:

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