Thursday, April 06, 2017

A letter for you

When she is hesitating, the wave of uncertainty comes and swallow her. She is floating in the middle of her thought with nowhere to go. Strangely, she can still hear all the clock in the world ticking, reminding her that she has less time left. Panicking, she grabs the nearest branch she can reach, hoping that poor fragile thing can rescue her from the whirlpool of despair. Does she survive? That's the story I need to find out, after I can crawl my heart out of this haunting old memories.

In the midst of all of that, I hope she finally found out that she should not take the journey in the beginning, it is not worth the risk, knowing in the end, she will stay the same. Sane and beautiful, my ray of sunshine. It is a shame that she will never understand how her existence is my reason for keeping my feet on the ground, not hanging on some empty promises.

photos of me: yuliana
retouch: yours truly

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